Naked and Afraid uncensored version

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You are a fan of the series Naked and Afraid and upsets of censorship that covers the naked body of participants? From now you can see all the episodes in a version without censorship. You may wonder how it is possible even if Discovery does not emit Naked and Afraid uncensored on your program.

Perhaps, very few people know, but Discovery has two versions of the show. One, that he let go on the air in public, and the other without censorship, which is located on their servers and is not shared with anyone else. While issuing the first episode of the first season, the crew responsible for providing Naked and Afraid to your website made a mistake and literally by the minute you could see the locations section without censorship, and so is now. Just then I (the owner of this site), then I was on their side and wrote down a path to the version without censorship. The result is that the release date for you all episodes of Naked and Afraid uncensored straight from Discovery servers.

To select the episode you want to watch uncensored select the appropriate season on the top of the page, or click directly on the bottom of the section you want to view.
Sorry for my English, but I’m still learning.

Naked and Afraid uncensored version

Season 1

s01e01 „The Jungle Curse”
s01e02 „Terror in Tanzania”
s01e03 „Island from Hell”
s01e04 „Punishment in Panama”
s01e05 „Breaking Borneo”
s01e06 „Beware the Bayou”
s01e07 „Bares All”
s01e08 „Double Jeopardy”

Season 2

s02e01 „Man vs. Amazon”
s02e02 „Damned in Africa”
s02e03 „Paradise Lost”
s02e04 „Mayan Misery”
s02e05 „The Pain Forest”
s02e06 „Meltdown in Bolivia”
s02e07 „Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife”

Season 3

s03e01 „Primal Fear”
s03e02 „Blood in the Water”
s03e03 „Hearts of Darkness”
s03e04 „Jungle Love”
s03e05 „Argentina Impossible”
s03e06 „Playing with Fire”
s03e07 „Himalayan Hell”
s03e08 „Bares All: Blood, Sweat and Fears”
s03e09 „Snaketacular”
s03e10 „Nicaragua Nightmare”
s03e11 „Botswana Breakdown”

Season 4

s04e01 „Alligator Alley”
s04e02 „Rumble in the Jungle”
s04e03 „Mayan Sacrifice”
s04e04 „Edge of Madness”
s04e05 „Fire on the Mountain”
s04e06 „Lord of the Rats”
s04e07 „Colombian Conflict”
s04e08 „Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters”
s04e09 „Garden of Evil”
s04e10 „Redemption Road”
s04e11 „Surthrive”
s04e12 „Easier Said Than Done”
s04e13 „Bares All: On the Edge”

Season 5

s05e01 „Into the Wild”
s05e02 „The Serpent Garden”
s05e03 „Frozen In Fear”
s05e04 „Rise Above”
s05e05 „From the Ashes”
s05e06 „All Falls Down”
s05e07 „Contamination”
s05e08 „Hell Or High Water”
s05e09 „The Danger Within”
s05e10 „Bares All: Never Give Up”
s05e11 „Into the Wild”
s05e12 „Bad Blood”
s05e13 „Strength In Pain”
s05e14 „23 Days”
s05e15 „Special-Bares All: Battered And Broken”

Season 6

Naked and Afraid Uncensored s06e01

Naked and Afraid uncensored version
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